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Most of Cuba has been affected by drought in past year

Most of Cuba has been affected by drought in past year
Published September 07, 2015 EFE

Three-quarters of Cuban territory has been affected by the lack of
rainfall between September 2014 and August 2015, a drought that has been
severe to extreme in 25 percent of that area, according to figures
compiled by the island’s Climate Center, or Cenclim, and released on Monday.

In 26 percent of the affected territory, the drought has been
characterized as moderate and in another 25 percent as mild, according
to a Cenclim bulletin published by state-run media.

The experts at the center, which is part of the Meteorology Institute of
Cuba, warned that the drought situation will continue in the coming
months due to the “significant scarcity” of rainfall on the island
during the current hurricane season, when Cuba normally receives most of
its rain for the year.

Generally, September is one of the rainiest months in Cuba because the
influence of the Atlantic anticyclone diminishes considerably compared
to July and August, meaning that – combined with the frequent passage of
tropical waves and tropical low pressure areas – it fosters an increase
in precipitation.

September, too, along with October, is the month in which most tropical
storms form in the region, weather events that are usually accompanied
by heavy rains.

The prolonged drought in Cuba, the most serious in the last 115 years,
is causing damage to agriculture and problems with water supply at
various places around the island, where the population is being supplied
using cistern trucks.

In Havana, the Confrontation Group formed to deal with the drought in
the province of Havana on Monday began supplying water to more than
82,000 people using 137 state vehicles. EFE

Source: Most of Cuba has been affected by drought in past year | Fox
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