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Appeasement Never Works

Appeasement Never Works by GEORGE WEIGEL February 25, 2017 4:00 AM And it’s making matters worse in Cuba. At first blush, Luis Almagro would seem an unlikely candidate for the disfavor of the current Cuban regime. A man of the political Left, he took office as the tenth secretary general of the Organization of American […] Continue reading

January 1, 1959: The Beginning of a Betrayal? (Part 1)

January 1, 1959: The Beginning of a Betrayal? (Part 1) / Somos+, Jose Presol Posted on January 3, 2016 Somos+, Jose M. Presol, 1 January 2016 — “The Revolution declares its absolute and reverent respect for the constitution, which was given to the people in 1940, and restores it as the official legal code. It […] Continue reading

Petróleo vs agua – a un paso de la catástrofe

Petróleo vs agua: a un paso de la catástrofe Tercera reportaje investigativo sobre la contaminación de acuíferos en Cuba, perteneciente a la saga “¿Cáncer por altos niveles de metales en embalses?” martes, agosto 25, 2015 | Ernesto Pérez Chang LA HABANA, Cuba.- De todas las fotos que se han tomado del exuberante paisaje de Bacunayagua, […] Continue reading

4 Die, 16 injured in accident in central Cuba

4 Die, 16 injured in accident in central Cuba Published February 01, 2015 EFE Four people were killed and 16 others injured when a truck flipped over on a highway in Sancti Spiritus, a province in central Cuba, state media reported. The accident occurred Saturday on a road that leads to Trinidad, the capital of […] Continue reading

Property Issues, State Farms and the Lessons Learned

Cuba: Property Issues, State Farms and the Lessons Learned December 30, 2014 Rogelio Manuel Diaz Moreno HAVANA TIMES — Cuban society has experienced the class struggle in a particularly intense manner. In 1961, the government announced it was building socialism. Currently, this same government has undertaken a program of reforms allegedly aimed at updating the […] Continue reading

Nearly 500,000 Cubans are self-employed

Nearly 500,000 Cubans are self-employed Published August 25, 2014 EFE The number of workers in Cuba’s private sector continues to rise, so by the end of July there were 471,085 people working for themselves, according to official data released Monday. Almost 70 percent of those “autonomous” workers had no previous employment, Trabajadores, the publication of […] Continue reading

I Always Did What My Conscience Dictated

“I Always Did What My Conscience Dictated” / Dimas Castellano, Oscar Espinosa Chepe Posted on June 21, 2014 One of the central figures of the Cuban opposition, who participated in the revolution before its ultimate victory but ended up being sentenced to 20 years in Castro’s prisons, was the independent economist Oscar Espinosa Chepe, who […] Continue reading

Never-ending Wait

Never-ending Wait / Cuban Law Association, Esperanza Rodriguez Bernal Posted on November 21, 2013 Esperanza Rodríguez Bernal Juan José returns to the Cuban Law Association for advice because the Compensation Fund has paid only 3,000 of the 39,000 pesos that he was awarded in the judgment of the People’s Municipal Court of Arroyo Naranjo as […] Continue reading

A Necessary “Rescue”

“A Necessary “Rescue” / Fernando Damaso #Cuba Fernando Damaso, Translator: Unstated In 1959, “the year of the accident” as a friend of mine likes to call it, there were any number of well-known people who had degrees in business administration and public accounting. They practiced their professions in different manufacturing and service companies and in [...] Continue reading

Cosmetic Changes Will Not Save the Castro Regime

Cuba: Cosmetic Changes Will Not Save the Castro Regime Yonathan Amselem August 9, 2012 at 6:00 pm Today, Cubans are reportedly being allowed to listen to Gloria Estefan. She and about 50 other artists were, until this week, blacklisted and banned. However, it's not just the airwaves that are getting a facelift: Earlier this month, [...] Continue reading

Raul Castro Knows That Food is a Time Bomb

Raul Castro Knows That Food is a Time Bomb / Iván García Iván García, Translator: Unstated General Raúl Castro acknowledges that beans are more important than canons. For the green khaki overlords food is a matter of national security. Since taking power on July 31, 2006, Castro II has tried to revitalize agricultural production. But, […] Continue reading

Cuba looks to China for inspiration

6 July 2012 Last updated at 11:29 GMT Cuba looks to China for inspiration Sarah Rainsford By Sarah Rainsford BBC News, Havana Cubans didn't know their President was going to China and Vietnam until after he left Havana. The visit was announced with a few lines in the Communist Party paper Granma, with no details. […] Continue reading

On the road in Cuba, tales of woe and yearning

Posted on Tue, Apr. 10, 2012 12:38 PM On the road in Cuba, tales of woe and yearningKevin G. HallMcClatchy Newspapers ON THE CARRETERA CENTRAL, Cuba — "Subanse," climb aboard, I said repeatedly, pulling the right wheels of my eight-seat van off the dangerous two-lane highway that snakes hundreds of miles across an island considered [...] Continue reading

Campamento Ho Chi Minh

Campamento Ho Chi Minh[21-03-2012]Dania Virgen GarcíaPeriodista Independiente ( Lázaro Pie Pérez, miembro del movimiento Impacto Juvenil Republicano, se encuentra cumpliendo una sanción de 1 año de privación de libertad, que tenía pendiente, en el campamento penitenciario Ho Chi Minh, un instituto preuniversitario en el campo (IPUEC) convertido en centro penal, ubicado en Bainoa, provincia Mayabeque. [...] Continue reading

Who Are the Real Anti-Cubans? / Estado de Sats, Antonio G. Rodiles

Who Are the Real Anti-Cubans? / Estado de Sats, Antonio G. RodilesEstado de Sats / State of Sats, Translator: Unstated Once again, State Security uses the old tactic of trying to discredit, given its inability to come to a public debate of arguments and ideas. A debate that would have a long-awaited end, because absolutely [...] Continue reading
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