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Cuba and Its Rotting Tomatoes

Cuba and Its Rotting Tomatoes March 23, 2017 By Fernando Ravsberg HAVANA TIMES — Dozens of tons of tomatoes are rotting in Guantanamo because nobody is collecting them, according to what journalist Lilibeth Alfonso tells us on her personal blog. Apparently, there isn’t any diesel for private trucks who could distribute them to the population. […] Continue reading

How the Black Market Keeps Cuba’s Private Restaurants in Business

How the Black Market Keeps Cuba’s Private Restaurants in Business The challenge of running a restaurant “a la izquierda” by Suzanne Cope Mar 21, 2017, 2:02pm EDT On a recent January evening, tourists and a few Habaneros sat under a palm frond canopy sipping rum cocktails, listening to a live band playing Cuban folk songs […] Continue reading

Repression in Cuba Comes in Many Forms

Repression in Cuba Comes in Many Forms March 7, 2017 By Osmel Ramirez Alvarez HAVANA TIMES — Every Sunday, there is the “Los Chinos” agro-market fair in the city of Holguin in eastern Cuba. Trucks loaded with produce come from all over the country, mainly from its central provinces. As there is competition and since […] Continue reading

Obama to the Castro regime – Do whatever you want

Obama to the Castro regime: Do whatever you want By Editorial Board October 18 at 8:07 PM ON FRIDAY, President Obama unveiled a Presidential Decision Directive trumpeting further overtures to the Cuban government designed to make the thaw he announced on Dec. 17, 2014, “irreversible.” That would imply “regardless of results” — which so far […] Continue reading

Building Socialism in Cuba

Building Socialism in Cuba As pressure for economic liberalization grows, what would it take to turn Cuba into a socialist democracy? by Samuel Farber In July 2016, thanks to a 20 percent reduction in oil shipments from Venezuela, Cuba’s economy minister Marino Murillo announced a 6 percent cut in electricity and a 28 percent cut […] Continue reading

A Disappointing And Unfair Report

A Disappointing And Unfair Report / Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez, 30 September 2016 — The most recent report by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) on the state of journalism in Cuba is, more than disappointing, worrisome. It is not that its authors are uninformed about the Cuban reality. Rather, they […] Continue reading

Cuban Poets – Exile, Prison and Oblivion

Cuban Poets: Exile, Prison and Oblivion / Luis Felipe Rojas Luis Felipe Rojas, 9 July 2016 — José Abreu Felippe has become a goldsmith. He’s a guy who’s creating a city that will be lost, and he wants to change it into a jewel that we all will carry with us. Poesía exiliada y pateada […] Continue reading

The Need for a Cuban Middle Class

The Need for a Cuban Middle Class / Dimas Castellano Dimas Castellano, 15 April 2016 — Economic and social stagnation in Cuba are related to the lack of a middle class. To defend this thesis and promote debate, I submit the arguments below. According to Karl Marx, social classes are structured around the ownership of […] Continue reading

Cuba Is Still Waiting for the Party

Cuba Is Still Waiting for the Party January 6, 2016 Erasmo Calzadilla HAVANA TIMES — As the end of 2015 neared, our winter felt like summer and Venezuela’s Bolivarian project seemed to collapse. Back home, things aren’t looking so well. State produce and livestock markets, chronically understocked, face crises as the prices of crops grown […] Continue reading

More But Still Falling Short

More But Still Falling Short / Dimas Castellano Posted on August 4, 2015 Dimas Castellano, 25 May 2015 — The goal was to match the results obtained in 1912. Failure to meet this target is nothing new, nor are the reasons why. At the closing session of the XI Congress of the National Association of […] Continue reading

Glimmers of glasnost begin to warm island Politics

Glimmers of glasnost begin to warm island Politics The government retains a tight grip, but there are signs it is loosening a little, writes John Paul Rathbone Shortly after the US and Cuba announced talks about normalising relations, a neighbourhood watch com¬mittee – often a bastion of communist prying – held its regular Committee for […] Continue reading

Why Cuba could not build the new man promised by Che Guevara

Why Cuba could not build the new man promised by Che Guevara / Regina Coyula Posted on June 5, 2015 Regina Coyula, from BBC Mundo, 4 June 2015 — One of the most attractive promises of the 1959 Cuban Revolution for a Third World thirsty for paradigms, was, undoubtedly, the prospect of a generous, industrious, […] Continue reading

The Rain Didn’t “Rain on the Parade”

The Rain Didn’t “Rain on the Parade” / 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila Posted on May 2, 2015 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila, Havana, 1 May 2015 – Right now in the City of Havana, especially in the neighborhoods, families and individuals with fewer economic possibilities are living through hard times. Downpours, normal enough in many capitals in the […] Continue reading

And where did that glass of milk go?

And where did that glass of milk go? ORLANDO PALMA, La Habana | Marzo 26, 2015 The newspaper Granma published Wednesday a comprehensive report on milk production in the province of Camagüey. This scenario is grim and confirms the downward trend in terms of delivery of this precious food. Since 2012, Camagüey’s milk production and […] Continue reading

Cuba’s Juan Triana – Economist or State Official?

Cuba’s Juan Triana: Economist or State Official? November 14, 2014 Erasmo Calzadilla HAVANA TIMES — Cuban economist and government official Juan Triana has become highly popular among our country’s leadership by peddling a rather exciting idea: the world economy is sailing before the wind and Cuba ought to stick a rocket up its ass if […] Continue reading
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