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Oswaldo Paya

Appeasement Never Works

Appeasement Never Works by GEORGE WEIGEL February 25, 2017 4:00 AM And it’s making matters worse in Cuba. At first blush, Luis Almagro would seem an unlikely candidate for the disfavor of the current Cuban regime. A man of the political Left, he took office as the tenth secretary general of the Organization of American […] Continue reading

La paja en el ojo ajeno – consigna del bloguero

La paja en el ojo ajeno: consigna del bloguero Para el autor de este artículo, el tronco clavado en el ojo que ya no puede ver sería el financiamiento exterior que recibe el Gobierno cubano en forma de deudas canceladas, créditos y ayudas para el desarrollo, entre otros Carlos Manuel Estefanía, Estocolmo | 08/06/2016 4:16 […] Continue reading

The Silent Successes of the Cuban Dissidence

The Silent Successes of the Cuban Dissidence / Ivan Garcia Posted on February 7, 2014 Before the olive-green autocracy designed economic reforms, the peaceful, illegal opposition was demanding opportunities in small businesses and in the agricultural sector as well as repeal of the absurd apartheid in the tourist, information and technology spheres that turned the […] Continue reading

125 Leaders Urge UN: Investigate Cuba Dissident’s Death

125 Leaders Urge UN: Investigate Cuba Dissident’s Death Tuesday, 23 July 2013, 2:54 pm Press Release: UN WatchOne Year After Suspicious Death of Cuba’s Top Dissident, 125 Leaders Urge U.N. to Investigate First Time: Appeal Filed As Official Submission to U.N. Human Rights Council, Will Appear On Agenda of September Session Signatories include Archbishop Desmond […] Continue reading
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